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All the codes have been updated. :D Whew! Enjoy my themes, everyone. If you’re using any of my themes, please tell me because I’d love to see what they look like. :D Thank you! <3

From now on, I will be updating ALL my themes. I’ve been getting messages about people asking me how to customize my themes. I’m sorry if I’m only doing it now but I promise you that I’ll update them all ASAP. From now on, you’ll see an appearance bar whenever you customize your blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Gray Skies Theme now has a customizable appearance! Check it out here: Gray Skies Theme

For all of you using my themes, please message me if you want the theme you are using updated. As you may notice, not all themes have an appearance bar when you customize it. Please message me if you want the appearance bar to appear. I made most of the themes before and I didn’t have any knowledge about meta tags. You see, meta tags are needed for you to easily customize the theme (in the appearance bar) without messing with the HTML. I would be glad to update the codes for you, please message me. Also, you are free to ask me about tweaking my themes.